Closure of a PosoMoney account is done in the event the account holder passes away or decides to close. 

A registered PosoMoney customer is one whose PosoMoney account has been opened. An individual can open a PosoMoney wallet by going to their nearest PosoMoney Agent with their Omang or Passport.

In person

Contact your nearest PosoMoney Agent


Fill in the Complaints Form available at www.posomoney.co.bw and www.botspost.co.bw

By phone

Please call Customer Care on 3911473

This line is open 07h30 to 16h30 on Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.  

You will need to get a replacement skin from your nearest PosoMoney Agent.

No. The money cannot be withdrawn on your behalf as the withdrawal process is initiated by you on your handset using your PIN.

Yes. You are able to send money to anyone with a phone number, even if they do not have a PosoMoney account. The recipient would need to go to their nearest PosoMoney Agent to register in order to activate their account and access funds. 

No. Your PosoMoney account is linked to your phone number. If you get a new phone number you will need to visit your nearest PosoMoney Agent with necessary documents to amend your mobile number. The funds will be transferred to your new registered mobile number.

No. Once opened your account will not be closed, even if your balance is zero.

You can visit a PosoMoney Agent and purchase E-money by depositing cash. Simply provide your registered mobile number and the amount to the PosoMoney Agent and you should receive an SMS instantly with an updated account balance.

All transactions on the PosoMoney system are highly secure and validated with two factor authentications – your registered personal mobile number and your PosoMoney  PIN. Please do not share your PIN with anyone else. 

Using the PosoMoney service will cost depending on the service being rendered and/or the amount of money being transacted. Details of the tariffs charged are available at all PosoMoney Agents and online at www.posomoney.co.bw 

Yes. Our technology does not store, interrogate your contact or send anything to your phone.

You should at all times ensure that your phone and SIM card are kept safe. All PosoMoney correspondences are sent via SMS so you should safe guard all transactions done.

You can call our Contact Centre on 3911473 or visit your nearest PosoMoney Agent.

Under customer menu, select ‘ My Account’ by following the below steps:

1. Check Balance
2. Enter PIN
3. Confirmation message displayed

You can change your PIN as many times as you like. However PosoMoney allows you one chance to change your PIN for free, thereafter changing your PIN will carry a cost of P1.00.

You can Reset your PIN by following the below steps:

  • Under Customer Menu
  • Select ‘Reset PIN’
  • Enter Date of Birth
  • Enter ID type
  • Enter ID number
  • Confirmation Message displayed