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PosoMoney is a secure mobile service that works on any mobile phone that allows you access to a wide range of cross-functional solutions that include mobile money transfers, purchases and payment services all in one place. All the user needs is a mobile phone and an active sim card.

PosoMoney service provides mobile wallet services via fully patented and encrypted SMS technology, which is at the leading edge of the fintech wave transforming the global financial services market.

Pop into your nearest post office and let us get you registered today.

Registration Requirements

  • Copy of Identification
    • Valid National ID (owner) – Locals
    • Valid Passport (owner) – Foreigners
  • Know Your Customer – Application Form
    • Occupation
    • Physical and postal address
    • Cell Number to be registered
    • Next of KIN
    • Guardian details if customer is a minor
    • Declaration and signature
    • PosoMoney Agents: made up of authorised people and businesses across the country
  • BotswanaPost Branches countrywide
  • BotswanaPost Kiosks located in Sefalana Stores countrywide

Roles of a PosoMoney Agent

A person or business that acts for and on behalf of BotswanaPost to facilitate and/ or provide PosoMoney services to end-user Customers.

Agent attributes and responsibilities

  • Registering customers for PosoMoney service
  • Facilitate cash deposits for PosoMoney registered customers
  • Process cash withdrawals for PosoMoney registered customers
  • Educate customers on compliance and how to use the service
  • To record and or resolve Customer Complaints.

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