PosoMoney Merchant

A person or business authorized to receive payments from PosoMoney users through the PosoMoney application system, for such goods and merchandise bought by the PosoMoney user from the PosoMoney Merchant.

What is the role of a PosoMoney Merchant?

  1. To receive payments for goods and services sold to PosoMoney user by the PosoMoney Merchant

Requirements for registration are as follows:

  1. One (1) or more business outlet
  2. Equipment and technical ability to support and grow the PosoMoney agent network
  3. Minimum trading period of six (6) months
  4. Merchant should be legally incorporated
  5. Technical capacity (owing to integration requirements)
  6. Adherence to ‘Principal’s’ Compliance/Operational requirements
  7. Secure and safe operating premises

Documents to be provided upon registration are as follows:

  1. Completed PosoMoney Merchant application forms.
  2. Trading or Council License
  3. Merchant Assessment Form
  4. Applicants ID.